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Bad Credit Mortgage

Bad Credit Mortgage From Mortgage Concepts

Is your credit not in the best standing and do you feel it would be impossible to obtain a mortgage? Mortgage Concepts can help you, regardless of your credit situation. We understand that not everyone has a great credit score. There are many reasons why a person’s credit score may not be top notch, and it may not be due to a lack of money management skills. Many Canadians experience life events that create financial repercussions. Whether it is from a loss of employment, illness, keeping up with expenses and other factors that could hurt your credit rating.

We are leaders in alternative financing and we understand the difficulties that occur when trying to get a mortgage with bad credit. The truth is that bad credit will not always stop you from obtaining your goal or affect the way banks and other lenders view your credit rating and history.

Bad credit mortgages depend on many different things. The loan value, property, and your current situation will all play a factor in your ability to obtain a mortgage with poor credit. What makes Mortgage Concepts a leader in the industry is the way we approach your situation. When applying for a bad credit mortgage with our mortgage specialists, you are approved based on the equity in your home, not what your current credit rating is. Not only will we help you secure a mortgage, we will also help you to start re-establishing your credit.

Bad Credit Morgages For All Situations Regardless Of Debt, Income, Or Credit

Mortgage Concepts is here to help homeowners in all financial situations. We can help if you have debt, bad credit, or low income. Our bad credit mortgage products allow you to use the equity in your home to consolidate your debt and convert high interest payments into one low manageable monthly payment, regardless of your credit. This will help you reduce the amount of interest and fees you pay and help you lower your current monthly debt payments.

Even with bad credit, you can pay out mortgage arrears, tax arrears and start to rebuild your credit. We can help stop collection agency calls, stop the power of sale on your home and get you back on track financially. We can also offer you flexible 3, 6, and 12-month terms. Even though you may have some current credit issues, you can still get an approval within minutes. We can help all homeowners, not just those with good credit.